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Applied Science is Complicated

Years of experience is required in the applied science space in order to develop the expertise necessary for applied science consultation and support service, including: mathematical and statistical techniques, experiment design, programming knowledge, and deep subject-matter expertise. You need someone with a successful track record in modeling, prediction, and forecast validation in order to achieve your goals.

Applied Science Consultation is Simplifying

The goal of applied science consultation and support is to simplify processes rather than to make them more difficult. It's the act of translating raw data into actionable information. Data models can be used to generate new predictions and can be evaluated for what the model does well and what it does poorly. Subject-matter expertise can be accessed quickly without spending large amounts of time floundering in a seemingly endless sea of online tutorials and seemingly only tangentially-related, highly technical scientific manuals, papers, and conference presentations.

Our Applied Science Consulting Products in Use:

of a cybersecurity expert panel's assessment of AWS vulnerability, to help quantify the benefits of any given cybersecurity posture

of catastrophic loss characteristics from experts by asking questions that experts can understand and then translating that information into statistical data usable by a computer

in numerical weather prediction modeling applied to a volumetric 3D weather prediction app designed for aviation