Brett Hoover, Ph.D.

My 12+ year professional history in atmospheric science has spanned theoretical and applied research, scientific support service, and operational research and development in multiple aspects of numerical weather prediction with NOAA, NASA, and the US Dept. of Defense. I have 5+ years of experience in applied science consulting both within atmospheric science as a subject matter expert for research and app design and in cybersecurity as a statistical modeler, software developer, and generalized prediction specialist. I am perpetually interested in complex problems and how to solve them. Applied science is extensible to virtually any problem.

Weather Model Analysis and Forecast Systems | Meteorological Observations | NWP | Applied Science | Data Product Development | Statistical Modeling | Consulting | Python | Fortran | MATLAB | UNIX shell scripting | AWS

Applied Science Consultant



Forensic Meteorology

App Design


Senior Physical Scientist



Environmental Modeling Center

Lynker Technologies

End-to-end design and management of code, experiments, and implementation for the EMC scientific support services contract

Senior Research Scientist


University of Wisconsin–Madison

Space Science and Engineering Center

Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

Conduct novel research, manage research teams, and advise graduate student research assistants on projects funded by NOAA, NASA, DoD, NSF, and the private sector

15 publications in peer-reviewed journals

Lukens, K.E.; Garrett, K.; Ide, K.; Santek, D.; Hoover, B.; Huber, D.; Hoffman, R.N.; Liu, H. System for Analysis of Wind Collocations (SAWC): A novel archive and collocation software application for the intercomparison of winds from multiple observing platforms. Meteorology 2024, 3, 114-140.

Hoover, B. T., Otkin, J. A., Petrescu, E. M., and Niebuhr, E.: A high-resolution quantitative precipitation estimate over Alaska through kriging-based merging of rain gauges and short-range regional precipitation forecasts, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 39, 739–753,, 2022.

Lukens, K. E., Ide, K., Garrett, K., Liu, H., Santek, D., Hoover, B. T.., and Hoffman, R. N.: Exploiting Aeolus level-2b winds to better characterize atmospheric motion vector bias and uncertainty, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15, 2719–2743,, 2022.

Hoover, B. T., and Velden, C. S.: Adjoint-derived impact of assimilated observations on tropical cyclone intensity forecasts of Hurricane Joaquin (2015) and Hurricane Matthew (2016), Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 37, 1333–1352,, 2020.

Breeden, M. L., Hoover, B. T., Newman, M., and Vimont, D. J.: Optimal North Pacific blocking precursors and their deterministic subseasonal evolution during boreal winter, Monthly Weather Review, 148, 739–761,, 2020.

Hoover, B. T., and Langland, R. H.: Forecast and observation-impact experiments in the Navy Global Environmental Model with assimilation of ECWMF analysis data in the global domain, Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 95, 369–389,, 2017.

Hoover, B. T., Santek, D. A., Daloz, A., Zhong, Y., Dworak, R., Petersen, R. A., and Collard, A.: Forecast impact of assimilating aircraft WVSS-II water vapor mixing ratio observations in the Global Data Assimilation System (GDAS), Weather and Forecasting, 32, 1603–1611,, 2017.

Kim, M., Kim, H. M., Kim, J., Kim, S., Velden, C. S., and Hoover, B. T.: Effect of enhanced satellite-derived atmospheric motion vectors on numerical weather prediction in East Asia using an adjoint-based observation impact method, Weather and Forecasting, 32, 579–594,, 2017.

Boukabara, S. A., Zhu, T., Tolman, H. L., Lord, S., Goodman, S., Atlas, R., Goldberg, M., Auligne, T., Pierce, B., Cucurull, L., Zupanski, M., Zhang, M., Moradi, I., Otkin, J., Santek, D., Hoover, B. T., Pu, Z., Zhan, X., Hain, C., Kalnay, E., Hotta, D., Nolin, S., Bayler, E., Mehra, A., Casey, S. P. F., Lindsey, D., Grasso, L., Kumar, V. K., Powell, A., Xu, J., Greenwald, T., Zajic, J., Li, J., Li, J., Li, B., Liu, J., Fang, L., Wang, P., and Chen, T.: S4: An O2R/R2O infrastructure for optimizing satellite data utilization in NOAA numerical modeling systems: A step toward bridging the gap between research and operations, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 97, 2359–2378,, 2016.

Hoover, B. T.: Identifying a barotropic growth mechanism in East Pacific tropical cyclogenesis using adjoint-derived sensitivity gradients, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 72, 1215–1234,, 2015.

Lazzara, M. A., Dworak, R., Santek, D. A., Hoover, B. T., Velden, C. S., and Key, J. R.: High-latitude atmospheric motion vectors from composite satellite data, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53, 534–547,, 2014.

Hoover, B. T., Velden, C. S., and Majumdar, S. J.: Physical mechanisms underlying selected adaptive sampling techniques for tropical cyclones, Monthly Weather Review, 141, 4008–4027,, 2013.

Hoover, B. T., and Morgan, M. C.: Dynamical sensitivity analysis of tropical cyclone steering using an adjoint model, Monthly Weather Review, 139, 2761–2775,, 2011.

Hoover, B. T., and Morgan, M. C.: Validation of a tropical cyclone steering response function with a barotropic adjoint model, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 67, 1806–1816,, 2010.

Hoover, B. T.: Comments on “Interaction of Typhoon Shanshan (2006) with the Midlatitude Trough from Both Adjoint-Derived Sensitivity Steering Vector and Potential Vorticity Perspectives”, Monthly Weather Review, 137, 4420–4424,, 2009.

Over $3M in research grants from

American Family Insurance | National Aeronautics and Space Administration | National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration | National Science Foundation | Office of Naval Research | U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Over 20 formal peer reviews for articles published in

Atmosphere Ocean | Geophysical Research Letters | Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems | Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology |  Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology | Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences | Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres | Monthly Weather Review | Remote Sensing | Weather and Forecasting

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

B.A. 2005 | M.S. 2008 | Ph.D 2010

Honors Graduate

American Meteorological Society 21st Century Campaign Graduate Fellow

Lettau Award