Forensic weather reports

individualized, case-specific, bespoke analysis

wide-ranging data sources evaluated by a subject matter expert

weather reports

Weather reports are sourced from multiple places to provide the most complete representation of the existing record for a weather event. This includes automated surface observing station (ASOS) meteorological reports, pilot reports from aircraft, Storm Prediction Center (SPC) reports submitted by the public, and user-submitted reports from the Oklahoma University mPING service and NOAA cooperative networks

Reports are collected, decomposed, and filtered to generate a timeline of observed weather conditions. Weather reports from observers are incomplete and dependent on engaged, voluntary reporters- the plausibility of a weather event at a location of interest (such as hail at a particular home site) can be inferred in-part from the proximity to these reports, but just because a weather event wasn't reported doesn't mean it didn't happen!

NEXRAD Level-2 Radar

Level-2 radar products are extracted from 3D volumetric radar data from NEXRAD and the radar directly over the location of interest is collected across time to produce a timeseries of the vertical distribution of key Level-2 radar products.

Multi-Radar / Multi-Sensor Derived Products

Composite radar products are collected over the entire period of the event to find maximum values passing through the location of interest and provide a plan view representation of the local weather. 

Transparent cost structure: $60 to start, $200 to finish, that's it.

An initial $60 payment begins investigation, which includes data collection and initial analysis. If there is enough evidence to write a report, the report can be produced for $200 if you choose. If there isn't enough evidence to write a report or you choose to end the investigation, the initial data collection and analysis will be released to you and no further charges will be incurred.